Commission Rates

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At EnergyCasino we keep our reward plans simple. There are several types. However, we’re also open to made-to-measure, custom reward plans.

Our plan types are as follows:

Revenue Share

You start with a 50% commission

Put simply, with revenue share, you get a commission percentage. It comes from the revenue generated by EnergyCasino from the gamer you send our way. Our rates of commission are available for viewing here.

1st month
2nd month
3rd month
up to 40%*

* - From the 3rd month your revenue share depends on the number of players you deliver:

100+ players40 %
50-99 players35%

CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Here you get rewarded from the outset, getting your hands on a set fee for every live money depositing player you send our way.

Sub Affiliation

You’re an affiliate marketer, a networking guru with affiliate friends. These friends want a piece of this action too, and there’s plenty of pie to go around. Increase your slice AND keep your own revenue share. Gain extra commission from the earnings of every sub-affiliate you refer.

Just from one action, the act of successful referral, you’ll gain a 5% cut from that affiliate’s earnings. Make five successful referrals, and you see where this is going: Lifetime earnings just from some intelligent and calculated connecting done today.

Successful referrals are “your sub-affiliates,” and you’re the “parent affiliate.” After referral, that’s it, no more effort needed. You’ll be doing them a service and reaping your rewards. To start “parenting,” contact your affiliate manager or email us at

Latest news

Game of the Week & Lazy Weekend


Offering players double EnergyPoints and a generous 50% Reload Bonus, the Game of the Week can be used to encourage increased deposits all week long, and now there’s the Lazy Weekend offer, with a 50% Reload Bonus for the weekend too!

World Handball Championship – Extra Money


The knockout stage of the 2017 World Men’s Handball Championship in France is here, and to make the play-offs even more exciting we’re giving punters €5 extra for every 3 LIVE bets (3 different markets, minimum stake of €5 (i.e. 3 x €5), and odds of at least 1.75), up to a maximum of €20 per day.

New Release: Divine Fortune™ - Free Spins


Here’s a massive Free Spins giveaway to mark the release of Divine Fortune™, the stunning new classical Greek myth themed slot from NetEnt™.