What’s your Guilty Pleasure?


We’ve produced a high entertainment 30 second video commercial for YOUR audience. It’s our first commercial, and Feedback to date is that it‘s “very funny.” As you know, that’s a very good thing in a World of extreme competition for 30 seconds of an audience’s attention.

The video is called “Guilty Pleasure,” the ad concept is:

Let’s be honest with the gamer. They get pleasure from playing, but sometimes feel a little guilty about it. The video is a fun take on guilt, and adds a masculine edge to the feminine feel the words “guilty pleasure” conjure in the mind.

This advert will boost your conversion rate. Take a look and you’ll understand why a player who sees it, is a player who’ll want to play with us. Go on give it a spin, then post it to your site and let it do the job it’s been designed to do, for you.

NB: Preserve your profits! Just in case your gamers watch the video, but don’t see your EnergyCasino affiliate banner for leading to our site, you’ll want to insert your affiliate text link just below the video.

To get your unique text link:

  1. Log in to your affiliate account.
  2. Now go into “My Account”.
  3. Click to add a marketing source in “Marketing Sources.” And generate a “text link.
  4. Put that text link right there with the video.

Enjoy the video, and the added business it brings your way.

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